Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Hi... yeah i know long time i didn't update my blog, i know. I was super busy with so many things and one of them is like i was go to job interview at some of company here in Jakarta, meet so many new friends, experience, travel to Solo and Jogja, graduate (finally after i'm waiting it so long) and too many story if i tell you on my blog.
Well, i'm so happy now because i met some of new friends and unforgettable moment when i was in Solo and Jogja, seriously. But after that i should back to Jakarta and yeahh you know back to the reality, actually i don't really love stay in Jakarta because i have so many reasons, one of my reason is, why i don't like stay in Jakarta again because yea you know as i said before that my parents is super duper over protective to me and i'm so sick with this situation, seriously. I Can't do anything but i really want to work in Jogja because there's so many reason and excuse, i have a lot of friend in Jogja,  i love the moment, food, and everything is cheap, then i would love to work in Jogja because i can stay close with someone hihihi.. I hate distance, actually. Okay, aniway.. i will show you about my photos holiday and also some of mix inspiration pic as usual.

And bonus ! This one is our video, just taken by Samsung phone then editing by me, thank's for reading ^_^

Friday, March 21, 2014

MIX INSPIRATION- Beautiful Things

Heyyy how are you guys so far?
I've been back stay in Jakarta since February. Finally, my study has been finished and just waiting for graduation in June with all my friends.
I'll tell you a little bit, that since I came back to Jakarta, I was so happy and really really fun because I can talk, get together, hangout, with all my old friends who had not met several years. Almost every week I meet with different friends, share stories and experiences, girl's talk about love life, work, food, and something like that! And i wanna share with you guys i'm so speechless at the moment because i'll work in fashion industry.
I would say my passion are in art, fashion, drawing, and graphic designer, yea.. all about creative things.
As i said before, i always remember about this quote "Everything starts with a dream"

Aniway, I just wanna share with you guys about beautiful things that I want to see before I die. Enjoy!

And fyi this one is "HIGH AND LOW by Sunday Girl" (soundtrack Street Dance)
i never get bored listening this song, seriously.
This song is very suitable to play in the morning before you move to boosting your mood.

all photos from : tumblr, blogger, lookbook, google, twitter.
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