Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Million Choices

Yes, i know, it's been long time i didn't update anything on ny blog, because yeah you know i was busy with so many things. Umm i wanna tell you guys a bit about my new job, I had just started since September 2014, and it was really fun, interesting, and full of challenge. I'm working at one of big fashion departement store in Indonesia, called METRO in Gandaria City Mall, Jakarta. Worked as Visual Merchandiser Supervisor with my team, umm i mean my gorgeous team, yep! They have so many great idea to interior design store, display, and mix & match fashion. I love working with them and learn so many things lately. So far, i love my (new) job.

And actually I want to say that all women must need a blazer career. And you know what guys? i just found this amazing website, called ZALORAYou know, I should say their collection looks so perfect for our working day, it's just so chic, formal, and casual. And also it turned out just as good for daily or hangout, agree?
However, in terms of color I prefer on this post as it matches with every dress or casual and formal stuff , don't you think so?
As you can see, the blazer itself is so bright and lovely, okay and here's some of their collection : click : BLAZER

and this one is my favorite

my favorire

And aniway, Online shopping is easily done just through your laptop and even your smart phone. How I love these days! Check one of the biggest online fashion center, Zalora! Zalora is not only showing great fashion stuffs from various brands, it also gives you some recommendation and knowledge about nowaday's fashion. Great isn't it? Just click, and go shopping!

Thank's for reading, have a nice day!

Friday, March 21, 2014

MIX INSPIRATION- Beautiful Things

Heyyy how are you guys so far?
I've been back stay in Jakarta since February. Finally, my study has been finished and just waiting for graduation in June with all my friends.
I'll tell you a little bit, that since I came back to Jakarta, I was so happy and really really fun because I can talk, get together, hangout, with all my old friends who had not met several years. Almost every week I meet with different friends, share stories and experiences, girl's talk about love life, work, food, and something like that! And i wanna share with you guys i'm so speechless at the moment because i'll work in fashion industry.
I would say my passion are in art, fashion, drawing, and graphic designer, yea.. all about creative things.
As i said before, i always remember about this quote "Everything starts with a dream"

Aniway, I just wanna share with you guys about beautiful things that I want to see before I die. Enjoy!

And fyi this one is "HIGH AND LOW by Sunday Girl" (soundtrack Street Dance)
i never get bored listening this song, seriously.
This song is very suitable to play in the morning before you move to boosting your mood.

all photos from : tumblr, blogger, lookbook, google, twitter.
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